Thursday, July 21, 2011

Soft Tissue in Fossils

Some recent articles at the Institute for Creation Research website have pointed out how unlikely it is for soft animal or plant tissue to survive for extended periods of time in fossil sediments.  I think all three of these articles are well worth spending some time considering.

The first article is about Dinosaur Peptides and how a study of dinosaur soft tissue was both flawed and failed a peer review.

The second article is about how Green Fossil Leaves point to a recent catastrophe.

The third article is about how Fossil Feather Pigments are a problem for evolutionists.


Cambrian Shrimp Eyes Are 'Surprisingly Advanced'

There is a great article at the Institute for Creation Research's site from last month.  It highlights the incredible complexity of life structures such as compound eyes, and how unlikely it is that such structures arose by natural selection and evolution.

You can read the article on Cambrian Shrimp Eyes here.