Monday, October 08, 2018

Some Implicatons of the Discovery of Gravity Waves

It appears that scientists have actually detected the long-sought gravity waves predicted by Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.  This discovery may have very interesting implications for the Biblical statement that God stretched out the heavens like a curtain (or tent)!  (See Psa. 104:2 and Isa. 40:22)

The LIGO site is here:

An interesting article regarding this discovery is here, at the ICR site:

Here are some quotes from the above ICR article:

"...The gravitational waves from the cataclysmic final merger of GW150914 (a binary black hole) reached Earth, after traveling over a billion light-years, as a ripple in space-time that changed the length of the 4-km LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) arm by only one ten-thousandth the width of a proton—proportionally 
equivalent to changing the distance from our solar system to the nearest star by one hair’s width. This is the measurement problem that LIGO faced and solved on September 15, 
2015, when black holes having solar masses of 36 and 29 were observed merging into a black hole with a solar mass of 62 at an approximate spatial distance of 1.3 billion 
light-years. This ultra-precise measurement marked a phenomenal scientific achievement."


"How can gravitational waves transport massive amounts of energy through an apparent vacuum? In the biblical record, the Lord declared He stretched out the heavens like a curtain. Does this indicate that the apparent vacuum of outer space actually has a structure, fabric, or field we have yet to discover—that even empty space is “something” rather than “nothing”? Does the space-time continuum provide a transport mechanism for the natural phenomena we observe such as gravitational waves? This recent scientific discovery seems to confirm the Bible’s implication that space is a real entity with measurable properties."

It will be interesting to see how future discoveries shed light on this possibility.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is the Higgs Boson Really the "God Particle"?

Scientists from Europe's CERN research center presented evidence in early July for a particle that is probably the Higgs boson, the last remaining elementary particle predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics.  In the Standard Model, particles have mass due to their interaction with the Higgs field.  The Higgs Boson is the basic particle which is associated with this field.

Although this Higgs Boson has been nicknamed the "God particle," it is widely agreed that the name is more for publicity than accuracy, and many physicists do not like the name.

Even if this discovery is eventually confirmed, and the Higgs Boson becomes an official member of the particles that are predicted by the Standard Model, do those of us who believe that God himself is the Creator need to regard the Higgs Boson as a challenge to our belief?

Absolutely not.

The Higgs Boson, assuming that it is eventually confirmed, did not create anything.  It is an important part of the Standard Model and may explain how things in the universe experience "mass", but it did not create itself.  The Higgs Boson had to be created somehow, just like all of the other elementary particles in the Standard Model.

God the Creator, in the person of Jesus, created everything, including the Higgs Boson.

If you would like to read more about the details regarding the Higgs Boson, I recommend a few of these resources:

ICR Science Update, 7-13-2012, "The Higgs Boson: A Blow to Christianity?"

ICR Science Update, 7-6-2012, "Have Scientists Found the 'God' Particle? "

Reuters article, 7-4-2012, "It's a boson:" Higgs quest bears new particle

Friday, January 27, 2012

This is a No-Brainer!

The Institute for Creation Research has a great article about a fossilized whale brain which is challenging a lot of evolutionary assumptions.  This kind of fossil most likely could not possibly form or survive over long periods of time.  It certainly argues for a recent, world-wide flood.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Radioisotope Decay Rates are Variable

Everyone will tell you that radioactive decay rates are fixed.  Everyone is wrong.

Radioactive decay rates are used by many scientists to calculate the ages of the earth, the moon, and the universe.  Among the assumptions used in these calculations is the assumption that the radioactive decay rates are invariable and fixed.

The Institute for Creation Research has published an article that discusses recent research which indicates that radioactive decay rates are, in fact, variable.  This situation seriously brings into question the age calculations of many scientists.  Read the ICR's article here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Soft Tissue in Fossils

Some recent articles at the Institute for Creation Research website have pointed out how unlikely it is for soft animal or plant tissue to survive for extended periods of time in fossil sediments.  I think all three of these articles are well worth spending some time considering.

The first article is about Dinosaur Peptides and how a study of dinosaur soft tissue was both flawed and failed a peer review.

The second article is about how Green Fossil Leaves point to a recent catastrophe.

The third article is about how Fossil Feather Pigments are a problem for evolutionists.


Cambrian Shrimp Eyes Are 'Surprisingly Advanced'

There is a great article at the Institute for Creation Research's site from last month.  It highlights the incredible complexity of life structures such as compound eyes, and how unlikely it is that such structures arose by natural selection and evolution.

You can read the article on Cambrian Shrimp Eyes here.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Another Failed Missing Link

You have probably heard about the Ida Fossil. It is the evolutionists's latest attempt to make you think that a true "missing link" has been found. Don't believe them.

The Institute for Creation Research has an excellent article about the Ida Fossil. I strongly recommend it.