Thursday, April 06, 2006

They think they've found a Transitional Form

A recent Scientific American article proclaims that scientists have discovered a transitional form between fishes and land animals. The article certainly does give one pause.

But was the creature whose fossil has been discovered, really a transitional form?

I am thinking that Tiktaalik will join Archaeopteryx in the dustbin of hopefuls and has-beens. Others have established that Archaeopteryx was a true bird, not a transitional form. I suspect that Tiktaalik was a true fish, not a transitional form.

The various features that the Scientific American article mentions, which appear to establish Tiktaalik as a strong candidate for being a transitional form, are most likely the features which the Creator wanted to give this creature so that it could function well in its habitat. The articulated fins and the "neck" of this creature made it suitable for survival, yes, but do not establish the creature as a transitional form. These features were given to it by the Creator for a specific purpose.

I welcome your comments. Tell me if you think Tiktaalik is somehow different (in its status as a supposed transitional form) from Archaeopteryx, for instance.